Saturday, 10 July 2010

Meet a with the Dom!

I met up with a couple for coffee Wednesday
- chilled with the Alicia at home for most of the day. Jeff came home later
- had lunch and what not then had to leave to play netball. They are really lovely
- and in an open relationship (they are engaged). He is a dominant, she a subservient to him, but when around women she is a domme.

Alicia had to work on Thursday - Jeff had suggested I come over to "keep him company" and then we would pick up Alicia from work. This was fine by me and had discussed with Alicia and Jeff the previous day.

I went over mid-afternoon Thursday. We just relaxed watching "Preaching to the Perverted"(not quite a porno, more of a movie about bondage and stuff.) We had all been completely open talking about sex and such So this wasn't out of the blue. You can see a trailer for this movie developed by the BBC here.Wiki also has some interesting background on the film.

Jeff made me a coffee and we settled down to watch it. He pulled me over to snuggle with him on the couch. First arm on waist - then arm on pants - then arm down back of pants. When it progressed to hand on tits - jumper and top off... well that soon stopped my movie watching. Seemed a good film but other entertainment was in the offing.

When his hands went to wander down the front of my pants. I was annoyed and a bit embarrassed that this was the wrong time of the month. (I always seem to get uber-horny and set up this sort of thing just before and by the time something happens, well, something happens...~chagrin~)

I told him about the problem... and he promptly told me he would just fuck my arse then. I didn't really know what to say in return - just ignored it and mentioned again that my pants had to say on. to which he replied, that's fine but I'm still fucking your arse.

Next thing you know - he has me by the hair and pulls me up - so as he stands at the edge of the couch, I'm kneeling on it and sucking his cock (Oh I do so love giving head!)

He made some sort of comment about how much of a cock sucker I am. I responded, "Oh you don't know the half of it." He had to laugh at that.

My head was off the end of the couch and he was shoving it all down my throat. With a gentle hand movement on his leg, I let him know at the point I needed to breathe!

Well, one thing led to another - soon enough he had me standing in front of him facing away, while he was sitting on the couch - he undid my pants and told me to mind was screaming...God! NO lube! No nothing....just sit! Which he promptly told me to do again...

I wouldn't be surprised if he had nail marks into his leg from where one of my hands was - the other was gripping the arm of the couch fairly hard lowering my arse onto his cock.

With a firm but kind voice - it was strange - he had me leaning back and down onto his cock... asking if i liked it - "Yes, of course" - "Yes, what?" - "Yes Sir!"

Later, he then pushed me into kneeling on the ground, head bowed down bum up fucking me in that position. Pushing me further. I was lying on the ground, and he had me reach back and spread my cheeks. a cold vibe was inserted and I was back up on my knees...

Instructing me to stay that way - I feared... well not feared, more anticipated... but knew what was coming. Alicia had shown me their toy collection - whips etc the day before.... I knew that I was in for it now. And in the best of ways.

First he used a latex whip - the 'softest'. It wasn't exactly soft, but not a huge sting either.

Next a leather one i think - well more like a flogger i guess. Lots of strands on it.

He asked if i wanted more...
after a thought...which seemed like eternity - i said i didn't know. ~laughs~

Then he tried to push his cock back into my arse...that HURT quite a bit... and I wasn't quite up for that yet... so with a few movements and whimpers and a quiet "please stop" - he did

I was rolled over onto my back, my arms trapped beneath me - legs up in the air (jeans and panties still on mind you, just down around my knees a bit) and a dildo shoved into my pussy. He told me to stay just like that - he pulled my jeans and panties down a bit to keep them in place, told me to close my eyes - and walked away.

He came back and put clothes pegs on my nipples and his cock in my mouth, again filling my throat.

Taking a break he told me I was to stay as is while he had a cigarette - and I presume he went to sit on the couch - I don't know I still had my eyes closed.

I asked if I could put my legs down (it was quite an effort to keep them up! my abs aren't that good) and he said yes. Little did i know the vibes had remotes... while smoking he enjoyed toying with me and turning them up and down.

He seemed to enjoy some tit slapping, and slapping off of the pegs.

He pulled me to sitting up he fucked my mouth with his cock.

He removed the arse vibe and again I was on my knees. This time he employed a harder flogger....a LOT harder. very sharp sting (quite tough braided leather strands actually). Eventually - I guess I really should have counted! - I asked him to "please stop"... which he did....and pulled forward to fuck my arse again.

I was surprised the sting didn't last longer... it was strange. As I explained to him later that it was an interesting battle between - "I like the pain, but it damn well hurts..." Which one wins...

Standing me back up - the vibe comes out of my pussy - and I sit back down on his cock - going a lot easier up my arse this time. I show a lot more enthusiasm bouncing and moving around this time :D

An activity I hadn't really considered til the day before (When Alicia had explained to me that it was something Jeff likes to do) is to have my breath restricted - well blood flow too, its weird. He at one point applied pressure to either side of my neck - I didn't feel like I was out of air but just getting a bit light headed.

His calm words in my ear telling me to let go. It was strange and surprisingly pleasant all at the same time.

Through-out the session I didn't cum. Somewhere while sitting on his cock I had mentioned that I don't cum easily at all. Not that I minded. It was HOT. I hesitate at times mentioning this too early as it just makes people try to hard to "make it happen" and I just want to enjoy the ride whether it does or doesn't.

Later, while I was kneeling in front of him, his arms around me, He was showing me the harder whip and asking if I was okay, and if there was anything I didn't like "Nope!"

I got dressed and he asks if I would like to see my arse. I laughed..."NO!" I did check it when I got home late that night! Mother of God! I mean it could be a lot worse, but I think I'm going to be quite bruised!

Kind of long-winded narrative, and I'm sure I STILL left something out. It's hard to gather all the images from the session since it was kind of overwhelming.

Finally. My first real life BDSM experience - I'm definitely going back for more.

Something tells me the absent Alicia when she gets her turn to switch roles from subbie to dom, is going to really tan my hide...~shiver~

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