Friday, 23 July 2010

Fisting (Attempted)

Sounds like an offense put that way doesn;t it? And my cunt was a bit offended at the try. :)

I was feeling a little loopy and very compliant from the breath play.

Eventually, when he had stopped, He told me he was going to fist me now. I had previously mentioned that fisting made me really squeamish and that I was really concerned that it would really hurt!

He lubed up his hand and told me to keep my legs spread. Immediately I started to breath heavily. I’m not sure how many fingers he started with, at one stage it hurt.
Oh GOD so bad and I clenched up - holding onto the bed spread tight. He reminded me that I needed to relax for him to pull back without doing any damage. A hard thing to do! I managed to relax for periods of it.

He kept at me for a while - it was a HOT experience with mild pain.

Once he stopped he asked if I wanted to see how far he had gone! All I could do was roll my eyes. All four of his fingers and his thumb tucked in - right up until the edge of his palm...obviously the widest bit.

I knew I had read an account of a fisting fairly recently and looked around and found it. I had found Jainie's Blog fairly early from searching for other "late bloomers" like myself. She had a great description of trying this. I think you kind of need a girls smallish hands to do this, guys are just 'too big!'.