Friday, 16 July 2010

HNT idea

I was looking at a picture on someones blog of an actual speculum..Really?!?? who has one of those on hand in their home? kinda weird but in a hot way.

The whole medico/kink think got me going a bit...I had this idea of Prying myself open for a look-see, and turned to the kitchen for some trusty implements.

I noticed something in the picture...the ladle has a highly distorted image of me! I think there's even a name for that sort of "accidental' picture of the photographer. I remember reading about guys that would put up objects for sale like on eBay where if you look close you can see him standing naked taking a picture of the shiny teapot. Like stealthy exhibitionism.

Anyway I thought it a fabulous idea for my foray into HNT. I need to read up on how to join but I wanted to get this picture up for now.

Funny, the self picture actually missed what I was aiming at (kink in cunt) but what it did capture was interesting. Click if you want to ~almost~ see what I was aiming for.

~Thanks again to Jake for the help with click-ify-zabling the picture.~