Friday, 16 July 2010

HNT idea

I was looking at a picture on someones blog of an actual speculum..Really?!?? who has one of those on hand in their home? kinda weird but in a hot way.

The whole medico/kink think got me going a bit...I had this idea of Prying myself open for a look-see, and turned to the kitchen for some trusty implements.

I noticed something in the picture...the ladle has a highly distorted image of me! I think there's even a name for that sort of "accidental' picture of the photographer. I remember reading about guys that would put up objects for sale like on eBay where if you look close you can see him standing naked taking a picture of the shiny teapot. Like stealthy exhibitionism.

Anyway I thought it a fabulous idea for my foray into HNT. I need to read up on how to join but I wanted to get this picture up for now.

Funny, the self picture actually missed what I was aiming at (kink in cunt) but what it did capture was interesting. Click if you want to ~almost~ see what I was aiming for.

~Thanks again to Jake for the help with click-ify-zabling the picture.~


  1. Speculums look fun, but only seen them on videos. Fun with a friend I bet.
    Cute picture, thanks for posting.
    Thinking about the HNT thingy myself.

  2. Wow - this is an awesome first HNT pic. Thanks for joining in. :)

    I'm not so sure about the speculum meself. It's bad enough having to visit the GYN every three months right now for a pap, I can't imagine using them in play and having it be 'fun', yanno? Then again, that's what I said about anal sex, once upon a time, too. :)

    Thanks for stopping by my blog too and commenting.

  3. Welcome to HNT! Seems as though you've done just about everything right, other than coming by my site and commenting to let everyone know you're here! Looking forward to seeing more of you. So to speak.

  4. I did not need to do the click-through to see what you were cooking up in the kitchen! ;-)

    Happy 1st HNT!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog.


  5. Yummy, nice photo.

    It actually looks different depending which way you rotate the picture - very clever stuff.

  6. Fantastic shot and an amazing HNT start. Welcome to the fun...

  7. Thanks Jessica, are you volunteering?

    Reluctant princess..yeah, me too I think of them as necessary torture in the whole ob/gyn context..but here??? hmm

    Obasso, what a fun idea you started, and I love the tongue in cheek writing style in the instructions...Thanks for the tip..I couldn't figure out how everybody seemed to find everyone else's HNT's I figured it was like a club and you all had a calling tree list or something..~shrug~ I was worried this would turn out like going to a deserted nude beach...nice to feel the breeze but without feeling the heat of furtive glances your direction, not really exhibitionism..:) I just surfed from comment to comment on peoples HNT comments..(as I shall on Cheeky Minx's BTW)

    Thx Hedone..enjoyed your blog and shall be back..:)

    Wow Red, I hadn't tried rotating the picture but that is weird how it almost seems CLEAR upside down..why is that? weird optics.

  8. How creative!!! Love it!!!