Saturday, 24 July 2010

Candle Wax

Another thing checked of Jeff's seemingly endless "To Do" list was wax play...

This happened right after the first time with breath play while I was still chained to the doorway. I remember I was blindfolded, but not when he put that on..(the whole time whilst chained in the frame? I dunno..)

He tells me to brace myself and the next thing you know candle wax dropping down my back. When I had first noticed the candles burning earlier, I thought, ~how romantic~ and didn't even think about that! Five in total, God knows how long they had been burning for - a lot of wax. he tells me to stick my arse out - wax everywhere. orange orange orange orange which was our medium safe word....

Lots of heavy breathing.

He gets me to take the final candle wax. God pain! But in a nice way. LOL

I am released from the bounds and asked to kneel blindfold still in place.

He guides me down onto my knees and then onto all fours. Nipple clamps still in place. Told to stay right where i am.

He fetches something to scrape the wax off my back and arse. It wasn't until later that I found out it was a knife! a BIG kitchen knife though it didn't feel like it. Was actually a really nice feeling having it scraped off my back. Well not scraped, more like peeled - and the knife only scratched very lightly. I hadn't realized it was a knife til he showed me.

He stood me up, blindfold off. nipple clamps off... and he stands with me, gently kissing my lips, rubbing my arms and shoulders while I take everything in.
he told me to go to the bathroom and he would run me a hot shower.

ah, shower was lovely. :D

Friday, 23 July 2010

Fisting (Attempted)

Sounds like an offense put that way doesn;t it? And my cunt was a bit offended at the try. :)

I was feeling a little loopy and very compliant from the breath play.

Eventually, when he had stopped, He told me he was going to fist me now. I had previously mentioned that fisting made me really squeamish and that I was really concerned that it would really hurt!

He lubed up his hand and told me to keep my legs spread. Immediately I started to breath heavily. I’m not sure how many fingers he started with, at one stage it hurt.
Oh GOD so bad and I clenched up - holding onto the bed spread tight. He reminded me that I needed to relax for him to pull back without doing any damage. A hard thing to do! I managed to relax for periods of it.

He kept at me for a while - it was a HOT experience with mild pain.

Once he stopped he asked if I wanted to see how far he had gone! All I could do was roll my eyes. All four of his fingers and his thumb tucked in - right up until the edge of his palm...obviously the widest bit.

I knew I had read an account of a fisting fairly recently and looked around and found it. I had found Jainie's Blog fairly early from searching for other "late bloomers" like myself. She had a great description of trying this. I think you kind of need a girls smallish hands to do this, guys are just 'too big!'.

Thursday, 22 July 2010

Breath Play

This was interesting. At some point after he had me chained to the door frame and spanking me he stopped and pulled my neck back and presses hard either side - its a very strange feeling - so hard not to fight to breathe - but so comforting with Jeff at my side whispering things in my ear, asking me to let go and telling me that he won't hurt me.

Some time after he took the phone call (Alicia checking in maybe?) We were sitting on the couch he was getting assurance that I was comfortable with what had gone on so far..

Suddenly, he grabbed me by the hair, dragged onto my knees from the couch to sucking his cock to get it hard (which i love to do). He asked if I had ever had my face fucked before. "Not really." He gets me to stand, still dragging me by the hair into his bedroom, lays me down on my back, head over the edge of the bed and proceeds to fuck my throat.

So messy! LOL

Gagging hard on his cock.... struggling to breathe... strange feeling. (Mind you all the while he is making sure that I'm okay and enjoying it.) I never produced so much saliva in my life! Really thick too. Something about going deep like that. Of course he proceeded to spread it over my face. I liked that.

He spread my legs and administered a couple of spanks to my clit/pussy through my pantys. (I had brought a pair.)

It's all a bit blurry i can't remember exactly what happened next....though I do remember him making the comment that my eyes light up as soon as i see cock. ha ha ha

At some point later he is fucking my arse with his hands gripped tight around my throat. I was more concentrating on the pain of the arse-fucking than the restriction on my throat..he pulls his cock out, and tightens his grip on my throat.

I turn over to lay on my back and he asks me to relax. He is pushing harder on my throat. I again find it really hard to relax and not try and breathe! No matter how much he tells me not to! LOL

He bites, licks, sucks and nibbles at my ear - maintaining the pressure on my throat - its a really strange feeling you get all light headed - I didn't pass out though - which is what he said he was going for and then he was going to spank my pussy while I was out.

He kept reassuring me that I would be okay and he wasn't going to hurt me, just to let go, biting hard on my ear lobe he asked me to cum (I mean realistically, was he expecting I would? LOL ~so not going to happen~)He kept asking, telling me to focus on putting all the pain into my clit. (mind you I could feel the sensations, I just wasn't going to cum. It's hard for me in the best of circumstances.)

This little scene led to the next which was something I'd told him I was squeamishly interested in trying. That will be my next post.


Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Spank Bank

I mentioned in a previous post that I would explain about the "Spank Bank".

I had mentioned to Jeff and Alicia that I liked to be spanked and wouldn't mind a pit of recreational pain thrown in. Always accommodating, and having a bit of a sadistic bent, Jeff had said he was more than happy to oblige.

Anywho...I was speaking to him online must have been earlier Friday and said something in a smart arse way - earned myself 20 spanks...whoops! So, now he has a spank bank with my name on it :D

When he had called Sunday night to arrange our play-date, I accidentally hung up on him (really)! whoops.
another 20 earned...

While texting and discussing this I said something else stupid and added another 5 to the spank bank - hmmm somehow I added another 5 so was at a total of 50 but I can't remember. It could be he was rounding up.

When I left off I had just arrived by buss of all SOON as I was in the door he grabs me by the hair, I'm on my knees sucking his cock.

A flurry of activity comes back to me in rapid-cut images:

~bent over kneeling on the couch,
~butt plug comes out..mind you it's a tiny plug nothing to it, have to start small.
~his cock goes in...Mother of God! A bit of pain doesn't hurt right?!
~pussy fucking too...still dressed mind you, just skirt pushed up around my waist.

Next thing I know...I'm told to count how many..."How many what?" I was thinking."Swats?"

In my ARSE!
Fucking cold.

Then him fucking with them in it! Again very very cold. (10 in total.)

~Standing up. (some fall out mind you that is cold!)

I'm told to sit down on his cock - he takes off my top and bra after I'm on his cock and riding...He then mentions his zipper is pushing into his balls...not a comfortable feeling no doubt.

I hop off and he pulls me over between the two doors...I have previously seen the two links of chain and cuffs hanging from between the door frames as he had them up last time I was around...He straps me in. Places a blindfold over my eyes and then spread my legs and straps them in place to the bottom of each door frame.

He pulls my nipple clamps from my bag of toys and puts them on too.

He tells me to count, these are to come off my total. After each one I am to thank him and ask for another.

He got up to 8 and then changed implements from a paddle to a dragons tail or something along those lines. Leather that has been twisted and has like a dragon/snake tongue split at the end...very strange. And Mother of God. Painful.

Two of those and I am at a limit. He asked me to take one more... which I did. GOD a hot stinging pain - though it doesn't last for long. Just very very instant sharp pain. I don't whimper very much. I just breathe very heavily. In and out in short breaths, trying to stop the pain. Very weird.

There is an interlude here where all kids of other kinky things went on. Its like he had a long "To Do" list and was slowly but surely checking them off.

~Breath Play
~Hot Wax
~Arse Fucking, lots and lots of Arse Fucking
~Fisting, (Attempted)

In midst of all this he had to take a phone call, odd to hear him seeimingly benign for a bit, but once th phone call ended, the tone came back and I was on my knees again after a very short respite.

At some point we begin whittling down my spank debt some more. All at once in an instant he stops and he hits my arse hard with something two times and asks me, "How many?"

"Two Sir...thank you. Can i please have another?"

I manage eight and by this time I really am whimpering and crying - not full on bawling, but only able to rasp out the number and say, "thank you." He tells me to brace for one more (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) I haven't used a safe word, but he can tell I am at that limit, and hits me only one last time.


He gets me to stand and pulls me over (gently) to the couch and gets me to lie down and puts a blanket over me. I have my top on at his point, but obviously no pants. He kisses me gently and lets me recover.

He comes back after a while to check that I am okay. He pulls down the blanket and slaps my arse for good measure. All in good fun. He takes a picture and shows me... bruising from our previous encounter and new bright red marks.

"It's funny..." he says, "there are no marks at all on your back!" (He was flogging me there earlier when I was tied up) Apparently, I just bruise on my bum. Probably a good thing in my mind.

Having worked hard as my punisher, he is a little tired. He tells me now that I'm going to give him a massage - which I was more than happy to do. I put a pair of pants on from my bag. He jumps into bed, the top half out in the open for me to massage. My arse doesn't really sting or hurt to sit down - its tender but okay.

Some snuggling after a massage and I mention that I have to go. (I had a Tupperware meeting on that Monday night.)

I assure him I don't want to go. He doesn't want me to either. Some great snuggling and I get up to organize my things.

A lovely, lovely way to spend most of a Monday.

Sunday, 18 July 2010

The Bus Ride...

If someone had ever suggested to me that someone would suggest a bus as the location for some kinky fun and that more to the point I would actually do so, I'd have said it was nuts.

The way it happened though made sense at the time, and boy was it kinky fun looking back..scary at the time.

Jeff invited himself to my house for Monday as he would be "in the neighborhood". I needed to drop my car in to get it fixed; some dick hit it while I was shopping last week. I was to meet him at a shopping centre, about 10 minutes from my house. We agreed on a time - and anything past 10 minutes would earn me 5 spanks per minute. (More on his 'spank bank' in another post). He instructed me to be in a skirt or dress, no panties and wear my butt plug.

Monday morning arrives, I drop my car off. I am busy freaking out at home in dress and no panties when I finally receive his phone call - something has come up and he isn't coming my direction. He says I am more than welcome to come his he knows I have no car!

He tells me the bus leaves the stop near me at 10:51, I needed to be on it, no panties and to sit in a spot where i could press my palm onto my pussy - I didn't have to play with it, just be able to press on it and wiggle my arse. O, and all my sex toys in a bag, I had to take them too.

OMG I was going to die of embarrassment.

So, being compliant in nature, I did hop on the bus, no panties, butt plug in and awaited his text. His instruction was to place my palm on my pussy for 5 minutes every 15 stops of the approximately hour long hour bus ride.

About halfway in... on the backseat of the bus - I got a text asking if I could spread my legs without anyone seeing!

OMG, I seriously must have been bright red!

Since the truth was, no they couldn't, I spread my legs and did what I was told - played with myself.

I arrived at the bus stop and met him at the corner of his street. Jeff promptly told me to turn around - he checked that I was wearing the butt plug in the street... again dying of embarrassment.

We had some standard nice every day conversation on the way to his house -all the while having a mild panic attack!

More with the Dom...

I had another adventure with Jeff again yesterday (with Alicia's permission, they chatted the night before and discussed having me as a sub- well not so much a sub, but just someone to use and abuse and corrupt :D - I'm definitely not the type of person to kneel at someone's feet - which Alicia didn't want - and neither do I!)

It was quite an experiance and lasted for hours. I jotted thoughts and impressions the next day but it is all disjointed. Its hard to tell where one 'scene' started and which action happened in what order. A week has passed and I want to get it blogged So I thouhgt I'd break it up into smaller stories, but they really all happend the same day. To start I thought I'd tell you about the Bus Ride.

Friday, 16 July 2010

HNT idea

I was looking at a picture on someones blog of an actual speculum..Really?!?? who has one of those on hand in their home? kinda weird but in a hot way.

The whole medico/kink think got me going a bit...I had this idea of Prying myself open for a look-see, and turned to the kitchen for some trusty implements.

I noticed something in the picture...the ladle has a highly distorted image of me! I think there's even a name for that sort of "accidental' picture of the photographer. I remember reading about guys that would put up objects for sale like on eBay where if you look close you can see him standing naked taking a picture of the shiny teapot. Like stealthy exhibitionism.

Anyway I thought it a fabulous idea for my foray into HNT. I need to read up on how to join but I wanted to get this picture up for now.

Funny, the self picture actually missed what I was aiming at (kink in cunt) but what it did capture was interesting. Click if you want to ~almost~ see what I was aiming for.

~Thanks again to Jake for the help with click-ify-zabling the picture.~

Saturday, 10 July 2010

Meet a with the Dom!

I met up with a couple for coffee Wednesday
- chilled with the Alicia at home for most of the day. Jeff came home later
- had lunch and what not then had to leave to play netball. They are really lovely
- and in an open relationship (they are engaged). He is a dominant, she a subservient to him, but when around women she is a domme.

Alicia had to work on Thursday - Jeff had suggested I come over to "keep him company" and then we would pick up Alicia from work. This was fine by me and had discussed with Alicia and Jeff the previous day.

I went over mid-afternoon Thursday. We just relaxed watching "Preaching to the Perverted"(not quite a porno, more of a movie about bondage and stuff.) We had all been completely open talking about sex and such So this wasn't out of the blue. You can see a trailer for this movie developed by the BBC here.Wiki also has some interesting background on the film.

Jeff made me a coffee and we settled down to watch it. He pulled me over to snuggle with him on the couch. First arm on waist - then arm on pants - then arm down back of pants. When it progressed to hand on tits - jumper and top off... well that soon stopped my movie watching. Seemed a good film but other entertainment was in the offing.

When his hands went to wander down the front of my pants. I was annoyed and a bit embarrassed that this was the wrong time of the month. (I always seem to get uber-horny and set up this sort of thing just before and by the time something happens, well, something happens...~chagrin~)

I told him about the problem... and he promptly told me he would just fuck my arse then. I didn't really know what to say in return - just ignored it and mentioned again that my pants had to say on. to which he replied, that's fine but I'm still fucking your arse.

Next thing you know - he has me by the hair and pulls me up - so as he stands at the edge of the couch, I'm kneeling on it and sucking his cock (Oh I do so love giving head!)

He made some sort of comment about how much of a cock sucker I am. I responded, "Oh you don't know the half of it." He had to laugh at that.

My head was off the end of the couch and he was shoving it all down my throat. With a gentle hand movement on his leg, I let him know at the point I needed to breathe!

Well, one thing led to another - soon enough he had me standing in front of him facing away, while he was sitting on the couch - he undid my pants and told me to mind was screaming...God! NO lube! No nothing....just sit! Which he promptly told me to do again...

I wouldn't be surprised if he had nail marks into his leg from where one of my hands was - the other was gripping the arm of the couch fairly hard lowering my arse onto his cock.

With a firm but kind voice - it was strange - he had me leaning back and down onto his cock... asking if i liked it - "Yes, of course" - "Yes, what?" - "Yes Sir!"

Later, he then pushed me into kneeling on the ground, head bowed down bum up fucking me in that position. Pushing me further. I was lying on the ground, and he had me reach back and spread my cheeks. a cold vibe was inserted and I was back up on my knees...

Instructing me to stay that way - I feared... well not feared, more anticipated... but knew what was coming. Alicia had shown me their toy collection - whips etc the day before.... I knew that I was in for it now. And in the best of ways.

First he used a latex whip - the 'softest'. It wasn't exactly soft, but not a huge sting either.

Next a leather one i think - well more like a flogger i guess. Lots of strands on it.

He asked if i wanted more...
after a thought...which seemed like eternity - i said i didn't know. ~laughs~

Then he tried to push his cock back into my arse...that HURT quite a bit... and I wasn't quite up for that yet... so with a few movements and whimpers and a quiet "please stop" - he did

I was rolled over onto my back, my arms trapped beneath me - legs up in the air (jeans and panties still on mind you, just down around my knees a bit) and a dildo shoved into my pussy. He told me to stay just like that - he pulled my jeans and panties down a bit to keep them in place, told me to close my eyes - and walked away.

He came back and put clothes pegs on my nipples and his cock in my mouth, again filling my throat.

Taking a break he told me I was to stay as is while he had a cigarette - and I presume he went to sit on the couch - I don't know I still had my eyes closed.

I asked if I could put my legs down (it was quite an effort to keep them up! my abs aren't that good) and he said yes. Little did i know the vibes had remotes... while smoking he enjoyed toying with me and turning them up and down.

He seemed to enjoy some tit slapping, and slapping off of the pegs.

He pulled me to sitting up he fucked my mouth with his cock.

He removed the arse vibe and again I was on my knees. This time he employed a harder flogger....a LOT harder. very sharp sting (quite tough braided leather strands actually). Eventually - I guess I really should have counted! - I asked him to "please stop"... which he did....and pulled forward to fuck my arse again.

I was surprised the sting didn't last longer... it was strange. As I explained to him later that it was an interesting battle between - "I like the pain, but it damn well hurts..." Which one wins...

Standing me back up - the vibe comes out of my pussy - and I sit back down on his cock - going a lot easier up my arse this time. I show a lot more enthusiasm bouncing and moving around this time :D

An activity I hadn't really considered til the day before (When Alicia had explained to me that it was something Jeff likes to do) is to have my breath restricted - well blood flow too, its weird. He at one point applied pressure to either side of my neck - I didn't feel like I was out of air but just getting a bit light headed.

His calm words in my ear telling me to let go. It was strange and surprisingly pleasant all at the same time.

Through-out the session I didn't cum. Somewhere while sitting on his cock I had mentioned that I don't cum easily at all. Not that I minded. It was HOT. I hesitate at times mentioning this too early as it just makes people try to hard to "make it happen" and I just want to enjoy the ride whether it does or doesn't.

Later, while I was kneeling in front of him, his arms around me, He was showing me the harder whip and asking if I was okay, and if there was anything I didn't like "Nope!"

I got dressed and he asks if I would like to see my arse. I laughed..."NO!" I did check it when I got home late that night! Mother of God! I mean it could be a lot worse, but I think I'm going to be quite bruised!

Kind of long-winded narrative, and I'm sure I STILL left something out. It's hard to gather all the images from the session since it was kind of overwhelming.

Finally. My first real life BDSM experience - I'm definitely going back for more.

Something tells me the absent Alicia when she gets her turn to switch roles from subbie to dom, is going to really tan my hide...~shiver~

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