Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Spank Bank

I mentioned in a previous post that I would explain about the "Spank Bank".

I had mentioned to Jeff and Alicia that I liked to be spanked and wouldn't mind a pit of recreational pain thrown in. Always accommodating, and having a bit of a sadistic bent, Jeff had said he was more than happy to oblige.

Anywho...I was speaking to him online must have been earlier Friday and said something in a smart arse way - earned myself 20 spanks...whoops! So, now he has a spank bank with my name on it :D

When he had called Sunday night to arrange our play-date, I accidentally hung up on him (really)! whoops.
another 20 earned...

While texting and discussing this I said something else stupid and added another 5 to the spank bank - hmmm somehow I added another 5 so was at a total of 50 but I can't remember. It could be he was rounding up.

When I left off I had just arrived by buss of all SOON as I was in the door he grabs me by the hair, I'm on my knees sucking his cock.

A flurry of activity comes back to me in rapid-cut images:

~bent over kneeling on the couch,
~butt plug comes out..mind you it's a tiny plug nothing to it, have to start small.
~his cock goes in...Mother of God! A bit of pain doesn't hurt right?!
~pussy fucking too...still dressed mind you, just skirt pushed up around my waist.

Next thing I know...I'm told to count how many..."How many what?" I was thinking."Swats?"

In my ARSE!
Fucking cold.

Then him fucking with them in it! Again very very cold. (10 in total.)

~Standing up. (some fall out mind you that is cold!)

I'm told to sit down on his cock - he takes off my top and bra after I'm on his cock and riding...He then mentions his zipper is pushing into his balls...not a comfortable feeling no doubt.

I hop off and he pulls me over between the two doors...I have previously seen the two links of chain and cuffs hanging from between the door frames as he had them up last time I was around...He straps me in. Places a blindfold over my eyes and then spread my legs and straps them in place to the bottom of each door frame.

He pulls my nipple clamps from my bag of toys and puts them on too.

He tells me to count, these are to come off my total. After each one I am to thank him and ask for another.

He got up to 8 and then changed implements from a paddle to a dragons tail or something along those lines. Leather that has been twisted and has like a dragon/snake tongue split at the end...very strange. And Mother of God. Painful.

Two of those and I am at a limit. He asked me to take one more... which I did. GOD a hot stinging pain - though it doesn't last for long. Just very very instant sharp pain. I don't whimper very much. I just breathe very heavily. In and out in short breaths, trying to stop the pain. Very weird.

There is an interlude here where all kids of other kinky things went on. Its like he had a long "To Do" list and was slowly but surely checking them off.

~Breath Play
~Hot Wax
~Arse Fucking, lots and lots of Arse Fucking
~Fisting, (Attempted)

In midst of all this he had to take a phone call, odd to hear him seeimingly benign for a bit, but once th phone call ended, the tone came back and I was on my knees again after a very short respite.

At some point we begin whittling down my spank debt some more. All at once in an instant he stops and he hits my arse hard with something two times and asks me, "How many?"

"Two Sir...thank you. Can i please have another?"

I manage eight and by this time I really am whimpering and crying - not full on bawling, but only able to rasp out the number and say, "thank you." He tells me to brace for one more (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) I haven't used a safe word, but he can tell I am at that limit, and hits me only one last time.


He gets me to stand and pulls me over (gently) to the couch and gets me to lie down and puts a blanket over me. I have my top on at his point, but obviously no pants. He kisses me gently and lets me recover.

He comes back after a while to check that I am okay. He pulls down the blanket and slaps my arse for good measure. All in good fun. He takes a picture and shows me... bruising from our previous encounter and new bright red marks.

"It's funny..." he says, "there are no marks at all on your back!" (He was flogging me there earlier when I was tied up) Apparently, I just bruise on my bum. Probably a good thing in my mind.

Having worked hard as my punisher, he is a little tired. He tells me now that I'm going to give him a massage - which I was more than happy to do. I put a pair of pants on from my bag. He jumps into bed, the top half out in the open for me to massage. My arse doesn't really sting or hurt to sit down - its tender but okay.

Some snuggling after a massage and I mention that I have to go. (I had a Tupperware meeting on that Monday night.)

I assure him I don't want to go. He doesn't want me to either. Some great snuggling and I get up to organize my things.

A lovely, lovely way to spend most of a Monday.

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  1. Hot, very hot. I love the way you write as though you are living it again. :)