Friday, 18 June 2010

Veggie Tales...

One of the tasks suggested to me was to add a phallic shaped vegetable to my basket whilst shopping.

It isn't as though I don't have phallic-shaped phallus' (phallusses? phalli? phallusi?) to fill the void in my nether regions when I haven't a man attached phallus handy. I had to admit that object insertion is kinky-hot to me. Maybe its because my earliest sexual experiences were all of the objects at hand sort of thing.

Adding a nice large zucchini to my cart specifically to fuck was very blush inducing. I naturally surrounded it with innocuous objects but couldn't help but feel the neon arrow pointing to it upon checkout.

I took it home and thought to record the experience. My friend didn't know I had taken pictures of this till much later. Early on I really did have some camera issues so, he apparently felt I was camera shy and didn't press for photos.

An interesting side kink came of this..I fucked myself at his behest, but didn't share the pics with him. Not for any concrete reason after all he hadn't asked. I did, however share them in all there creamy graphic glory on a site online on an old ID that I had forgotten about. Not to hide it from him, but somehow, having to separate kinky reactions to the same event was pretty hot. I didn't mention to the picture viewers that I had bought the veggie on command so to speak, so they lacked the context. He on the other hand only had his very fertile imagination but no pictures...

Thanks, Jake for the help with the click through..:)


I should explain about my friend...

I was exploring a kinky forum and asking questions about people that have "online doms"

He wrote to me and explained that although the idea of "controling" someone long distance is a bit tenous at best, he wasn't averse to giving a little guidance from time to time.

He theorizes that people sometimes are looking for permission to do the kinky things they already want to do and talking about it just unlocks it.

Funny story, as you will see as I relate more of my adventures. He said that initially I gave off a "virgin vibe" to him. I did state I was uncertain about what I wanted to try but didn't mean to imply I had't tried ANYTHING!

So he gently prodded and probed. (So to speak) finding my boundaries. Early on he sent me a couple of little "assignments." I am as he says fairly compliant so I well, complied. On the one hand going out without ones knickers isn't nearly as slutty as some of the things I have done in person, it was surprisingly erotic to be doing something specific in a pre-meditated way for someone else's sexual amusement. Its the anticipation thing.

He has suggested that the blog include both "real life" experiances and the kinky pursuits I get up to online to satisfy my seemingly ever-increasing libido.

The first story..

Not the first story chronologically. Just the first one I wrote down for my friend in response to his query about some of my adventures during the time I was playing around with abandon. This was the story that peaked my friends interest in sharing my private sex life with the world:

Late one Sunday evening after an afternoon of online conversation and older guy whose name I can't remember invited me around to his house, which was conveniently a few blocks away. Of course we had discussed what potentially might happen, hell we had discussed our favourites and previous experiences. I arrived, had a mild panic attack in the car (i.e. I just freaked out a bit and took a few deep breaths, needed 5 minutes to collect myself to be able to walk to the front door) and found myself finally knocking on the door.

The sun was setting and as he answered the door. He was a bit older... well a lot older, maybe late 30s and balding compared to my innocent and naive 20 years. He had a charming sense of humor.. not overly attractive - well not my usual type, but hell I wasn't complaining I was there for sex and whatever else he was offering. My high libido wasn't going to let me say no. Upon entering the house he kissed me, this wasn't so bad, I kissed back. Within seconds my top and bra were off and I was on my knees, desperate to suck his hardening cock (we hadn't even reached the bedroom, luckily his lounge had carpet). No formalities needed we both knew I was only here for one thing.

We had discussed that afternoon that no woman had ever made him cum from a blow job... something he longed to experience, as I knelt down I was determined to change it. Not too small and not too big I managed to take his whole cock in his mouth, the tip hitting my gag reflex (which I'm rather good at relaxing). A few minutes on my knees and I could tell he was getting close. A sly look on my face I grin as I stare into his eyes as I devour his cock again. My hands on his ass pulling him closer as I move faster and faster trying to send him over the edge. His hands reach down to my shoulders and push me off..... I look at him puzzled.... he exclaims 'god I want to fuck you so much right now, come with me'. He pulls me off my knees, kisses me hard, mauls my tits and pulls me to the bedroom.

Pushing me down onto the bed he yanks at my pants and panties, pulling them off in one swift movement. Having left his pants that were around his ankles in the lounge he quickly climbed atop and began kissing my breasts and sucking my nipples. Reaching into his drawer he pulled out a condom and rolled it on. I was dripping wet with anticipation, my pussy drenches while giving head, I'm not sure why - it just does it to me getting someone else off and pleasing them with my mouth. Spreading my legs wide he gently entered, kissing my neck and running his fingers up and down my side.

A short and sweet first round.... he pumped back and forth and didn't last long. His cock stretching my tight cunt, helped along by my clenching muscles it wasn't long til he exploded. I lay there catching my breath and he dissapeared out of sight to dispose of the condom. Entering back into the room, lying down beside me, he pulls a bottle of oil from the drawer, my mind races - I can't say this guy isn't prepared. He rubs his hands in oil and begins to massage my tits and twisting at my nipples, lingering and circling them. His fingers trail down to my pussy and trace back and forth over my waxed smooth lips, teasing me further. Oil covers my body, nice and slick he rubs his cock over my stomach and breasts. A quick flick at my clit I begin to moan. Not close to cumming, but enjoying the sensation. He stops after a while and goes to fetch some water. I make my way to the bathroom for a quick clean up, a short shower to get rid of the oil and I'm back in action.

Entering the bedroom again I lip my lips as I see his hard cock standing at attention. While I bob up and down on his cock he pulls another condom out from the drawer. I take it from him and use my mouth to roll it down his cock. He flips me over and fucks me from behind, slapping my ass and he forces his cock back into my dripping cunt. A few minutes later he is again on the edge of climax. I begin to moan and writhe beneath him, clenching my muscles eager to make him cum again. He cums hard and pulls out, we both lay exhausted on the bed. He exits to clean up and I put my clothes back on.

I make my way back to the lounge to see him pulling his top over his head. He looks at me and smiles, pulling my close for a kiss. I tell him I need to leave, got some things to do. He asks me to come back soon....I'm not so sure. Just before I leave he comments that he was sorry that he didn't cum in my mouth, he would have loved to have shot his load all over my face, with a coy smile I reply 'that's okay', he quickly inserts that he was close, but was to eager to fuck my dripping pussy he didn't want to waste a load.

I left and waved goodbye, flashed my lights and drove away, a few blocks back to my house. He text to say thanks for the good night. In bed that night I made myself cum thinking of the experience. I never went back, deleted his number and messenger name... but it was a damn hot experience that still gets me wet thinking about it.