Friday, 18 June 2010

Veggie Tales...

One of the tasks suggested to me was to add a phallic shaped vegetable to my basket whilst shopping.

It isn't as though I don't have phallic-shaped phallus' (phallusses? phalli? phallusi?) to fill the void in my nether regions when I haven't a man attached phallus handy. I had to admit that object insertion is kinky-hot to me. Maybe its because my earliest sexual experiences were all of the objects at hand sort of thing.

Adding a nice large zucchini to my cart specifically to fuck was very blush inducing. I naturally surrounded it with innocuous objects but couldn't help but feel the neon arrow pointing to it upon checkout.

I took it home and thought to record the experience. My friend didn't know I had taken pictures of this till much later. Early on I really did have some camera issues so, he apparently felt I was camera shy and didn't press for photos.

An interesting side kink came of this..I fucked myself at his behest, but didn't share the pics with him. Not for any concrete reason after all he hadn't asked. I did, however share them in all there creamy graphic glory on a site online on an old ID that I had forgotten about. Not to hide it from him, but somehow, having to separate kinky reactions to the same event was pretty hot. I didn't mention to the picture viewers that I had bought the veggie on command so to speak, so they lacked the context. He on the other hand only had his very fertile imagination but no pictures...

Thanks, Jake for the help with the click through..:)

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