Monday, 21 June 2010

Couple Play.

In the course of discussing "Have you ever?" to this and that I was embarrased a little in and arousing way to realize I had done a lot of things. One of the questions that was asked of me was to describe playing with couples...this is what I wrote about my first exprience with a threesome:

Ive played with two different couples - both very different experiences...

The first one - I chatted to Tom and Annette on the net the night before. We were on cam - so then they knew I was a chick and I knew they were a legit couple. It was nice, relaxed and casual... obviously sex came up but it was a relaxed setting.

I agreed to meet Annette for coffee the next day. The idea was that she was going to meet me by myself first so it wasn't so intimidating.

I met up with Annette for coffee.... God I was so nervous. In a cute summer dress I waited....

She arrived and we got to know each other over coffee. Talking about everything from sex to jobs to anything! It was nice and relaxing.

After an hour or so her husband, Tom joined us. We chatted briefly and then we left on a positive note. Soon after I got a text asking if I wanted to come to their house after dinner that night

!!! My heart was racing. TONIGHT?! Wow. Not so much time to do so much freaking out.

I arrived at their house and we watched TV in their room, a very relaxed and weird atmosphere. I sure as hell wasn't going to start anything!

Annette approached me and kissed me gently - my first kiss from a woman. It was okay - I guess I just like the forcefulness of a guy. Testing the waters to make sure I was okay we made out a bit more... then it went into awkward mode.

Tom made sure he was touching me - just on my leg, making sure i was comfortable... eventually 10pm rolled round, I remembered clock watching, I had been there for over 2 hours and was beginning to wonder when and what was happening.

Then Tom finally suggested we all get naked... seemed like a fair idea really... so we did.

Annette was lying on the bed, me next to her and Tom on the chair beside the bed. Some fumbling and making out with Annette got me started. She kept checking to make sure I was okay... it was sweet and such a turn on, her instructing me - or asking rather - if I would like to suck her nipples for the first time...

She eventually headed south and spread my legs without much resistance from me to be honest. I was definitley in the mood now. Tom approached the bed and was sucking and nibbling at my nipples, his cock was rock hard and I couldn't resist sucking. However i was soon distracted as Annette's tongue hit my clit and pussy...

I didn't cum... but Mother of God I was in heaven! Tom joined Annette at my pussy and took over, while Annette came back and kissed me, played with my nipples and tits, allowing me to suck on hers.

After a while, (I don't cum so easily) it was my turn to go down on Annette.

Apparently I'm quite good. :D

I couldn't help but smile as I made her squirm under my tongue and fingers I loved ever minute of dragging my tongue up and down her slit, two fingers in her tight cunt... tongue flicking at her clit... at one stage Tom was behind me and fucking my pussy... but i think he was too absorbed in watching me get his wife off to actually fuck hard.

She stopped me before she came - I was a bit disappointed I wanted to get her over the edge. She asked what my opinion was to get fucked with a strap on.... I had none of course.

I didn't see the box of toys, but she had a few as I found out. After 2 minutes with the strap on she was down to business. I dont know what she was doing, I was too busy sucking of her husband, but god my pussy was drenched.

I have never felt so well-used in my life. I never reached climax, but God I was on edge for such a long time. Toy after toy, they got bigger and bigger, well that's what I felt - I never saw any of them... I just knew my used pussy was being stretched and fucked hard. I found it really hard to concentrate on giving Tom head, I had to apologise. I got so distracted..

After a while it all stopped. I was exhausted. It was well after 12. Over two hours of rapture and frolicking..

We all snuggled, one each side of Tom. That was nice, I felt included and then it was time for me to go...

Fade to current..

I was initially planning to sit here writing this post with my vibrating plug in my ass and a wet pussy.... however I got a little sidetracked. I was going to make myself write this down and not cum until after....whoops

Alas! Here I sit plug still in my ass with a soaked pussy and a nice wet finger.... but I managed to get this down as it again got me off. ~grin~

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