Sunday, 18 July 2010

The Bus Ride...

If someone had ever suggested to me that someone would suggest a bus as the location for some kinky fun and that more to the point I would actually do so, I'd have said it was nuts.

The way it happened though made sense at the time, and boy was it kinky fun looking back..scary at the time.

Jeff invited himself to my house for Monday as he would be "in the neighborhood". I needed to drop my car in to get it fixed; some dick hit it while I was shopping last week. I was to meet him at a shopping centre, about 10 minutes from my house. We agreed on a time - and anything past 10 minutes would earn me 5 spanks per minute. (More on his 'spank bank' in another post). He instructed me to be in a skirt or dress, no panties and wear my butt plug.

Monday morning arrives, I drop my car off. I am busy freaking out at home in dress and no panties when I finally receive his phone call - something has come up and he isn't coming my direction. He says I am more than welcome to come his he knows I have no car!

He tells me the bus leaves the stop near me at 10:51, I needed to be on it, no panties and to sit in a spot where i could press my palm onto my pussy - I didn't have to play with it, just be able to press on it and wiggle my arse. O, and all my sex toys in a bag, I had to take them too.

OMG I was going to die of embarrassment.

So, being compliant in nature, I did hop on the bus, no panties, butt plug in and awaited his text. His instruction was to place my palm on my pussy for 5 minutes every 15 stops of the approximately hour long hour bus ride.

About halfway in... on the backseat of the bus - I got a text asking if I could spread my legs without anyone seeing!

OMG, I seriously must have been bright red!

Since the truth was, no they couldn't, I spread my legs and did what I was told - played with myself.

I arrived at the bus stop and met him at the corner of his street. Jeff promptly told me to turn around - he checked that I was wearing the butt plug in the street... again dying of embarrassment.

We had some standard nice every day conversation on the way to his house -all the while having a mild panic attack!

More with the Dom...

I had another adventure with Jeff again yesterday (with Alicia's permission, they chatted the night before and discussed having me as a sub- well not so much a sub, but just someone to use and abuse and corrupt :D - I'm definitely not the type of person to kneel at someone's feet - which Alicia didn't want - and neither do I!)

It was quite an experiance and lasted for hours. I jotted thoughts and impressions the next day but it is all disjointed. Its hard to tell where one 'scene' started and which action happened in what order. A week has passed and I want to get it blogged So I thouhgt I'd break it up into smaller stories, but they really all happend the same day. To start I thought I'd tell you about the Bus Ride.