Monday, 21 June 2010

My next couple....

This couple wasn't married, and a little younger. Annette and Tom were 26 and 52.

Elaine was a gorgeous curvy little Greek girl of about 24. Stunning tits and a radiant smile.

Roy was about 30 I'd say. It was he that I spoke to initially online, and he said they were keen. Chatted and chatted and chatted online, we didn't seem to be able to get a time to meet.

Arranged for dinner in the city - which was fun... so nice 'relaxing' dinner - as much as relaxing a meeting with a potential couple can be... it felt a bit like a job interview. But they were both really relaxed and easy to talk to about anything - no doubt you imagine that the conversation soon turned to sex. Which was fine. We ended up chatting for quite a few hours – moving to a bar to continue the conversation in a bit more seclusion of course.

Eventually we found a time I could come to their place, a Friday night after dinner…. Though everyone was tired – I sure as hell didn’t know what to expect. We just chatted watched TV and a movie. Elaine fell asleep and I went home at midnight… wtf?! I was a little confused – though it was nice to get to know them both a little better

Again it took a while for us to be able to find a time for us all to hook up. One of us Elaine or me, seemed to be the wrong time of the month, or someones birthday, or a social event or something! Finally it arrived. I went around and we went out for Dinner again another Friday night. Nervous I arrived… and gulp… what to expect.

There had been plenty of discussion of just turning up (chatting online I mean) and I should make out with Elaine as I walked in the door

There is no way I have that sort of guts! Despite the fact we had both previously mentioned that we are attracted to each other… there was no way I was making the first move.

Dinner was good, we were discussing sex events etc we had seen , well I hadn’t seen any but Roy and Elaine had recently been to a few swinging events and a BDSM show type thing – some of it was a bit hardcore for them – there was some very intense blood drawing whipping from what they described – a bit too hardcore for me too.

Home again and watching TV…. Put on some porn to get the mood going… Roy was…well we were all unsure of how to start – I knew I wasn’t going to!

Elaine came and sat next to me and Roy encouraged her to kiss me. He left the room to get a drink and we were kissing when he came back. A bit giggly about it and had agreed to kiss on the count of 3 – we were both a bit shy! (Despite the fact she is actually bi not just a bit of exploring like me)

Things moved along with more kissing and Roy stood Elaine up and took off her top…. We headed to the bedroom and my top came off… then Elaine's bra and my bra… with encouragement from Roy, Elaine disrobed, and to be fair I did too… then we both giggled as we forced Roy to join the party (OMG HUGE! Nice hard long cock for me to suck on)

More making out, me lying back on the bed, Elaine on top of me and Roy next to me stroking both of us. Elaine spread my legs and looked at me with a look in her eyes and asked if I was going to resist, I spread apart further and smiled back…

A quick touch and a lick and a comment… how wet I was – a little giggle and admittance from me that I was easy to wet and this was a huge turn on considering how much we had been talking about sex.

Diving back down, a finger enters my pussy…. I clench on tight as she flicks and sucks at my clit… a lot of playing and god a lot of nearly orgasm. I had a small one and clenched down hard on Elaine's finger… she was awkward about putting in a second, not wanting it to hurt me (from what ive been told and what I can put in finger wise – im quite tight!) I told her not to worry it stretched…. God I felt full with two fingers! But very very wet…

She pulled back up and we made out some more and exchanged positions.

A little hesitiation and encouragement from Roy sent me down on her pussy, licking and sucking… trying to figure out what she wanted. Roy was kissing her and playing with her nipples as I fucked her pussy with my finger and licked furiously at her clit – feeling her clench tight around me. I can understand the feeling around a cock now I guess, she was so tight and god felt so hot as she came hard on my fingers, pushing down hard and nearly pushing my finger out! Slowly I let her recover and she made a comment about that wasn’t bad for a first try …. I smiled with a sly look and quickly licked at her clit, to which she squirmed and bucked and asked me to stop… ok that was great for a first attempt are you sure you hadn’t done it before?

Some more kissing and making sure Roy got the attention he deserved, two women sucking and playing with his cock. Elaine can’t take Roy's whole cock down her throat… I can just… God it was huge.

Elaine left the room for a drink and Roy and I weren’t sure what to do … we continued and I sucked away at his cock. Eventually it turned into fucking and Elaine was laying on top of me, Roy fucking her behind doggy style, her cunt rubbing back and forth on my clit…this was a huge turn on and stimulating.

A bit of cuddling and a lot of feeling naked.. eventually it was quite late and I had to leave..

I would definitely play with them again, or Elaine by herself.

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