Monday, 21 June 2010

Elaboration on Masturbation?

Hmmmm don't know what to write...I alluded to playing with myself at the end of the last post, so of course I was asked for "more." as in , "Please Elaborate

SO in genreal this is a litte about how I play, (mostly).

my pussy is already starting to drip being exposed and feeling sexy here

About how I specifically masturbated - Its generally the one thing for me. Fingers on clit. Index finger rubbing circling flicking my clit back and forth while thinking about whatever fantasy comes into my there isn't much of a process it starts off that way and ends that way -

Occasional anal play (not always it requires more cleaning and effort afterwards)

Nipple twisiting to stop myself from cumming -

I like to tease myself a while - and just clit play.

I often think about being told what to do, sometimes by a man and sometimes by a woman. very specific instructions on how to get off, or making me please them before they make me cum.


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