Friday, 18 June 2010


I should explain about my friend...

I was exploring a kinky forum and asking questions about people that have "online doms"

He wrote to me and explained that although the idea of "controling" someone long distance is a bit tenous at best, he wasn't averse to giving a little guidance from time to time.

He theorizes that people sometimes are looking for permission to do the kinky things they already want to do and talking about it just unlocks it.

Funny story, as you will see as I relate more of my adventures. He said that initially I gave off a "virgin vibe" to him. I did state I was uncertain about what I wanted to try but didn't mean to imply I had't tried ANYTHING!

So he gently prodded and probed. (So to speak) finding my boundaries. Early on he sent me a couple of little "assignments." I am as he says fairly compliant so I well, complied. On the one hand going out without ones knickers isn't nearly as slutty as some of the things I have done in person, it was surprisingly erotic to be doing something specific in a pre-meditated way for someone else's sexual amusement. Its the anticipation thing.

He has suggested that the blog include both "real life" experiances and the kinky pursuits I get up to online to satisfy my seemingly ever-increasing libido.

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