Thursday, 22 July 2010

Breath Play

This was interesting. At some point after he had me chained to the door frame and spanking me he stopped and pulled my neck back and presses hard either side - its a very strange feeling - so hard not to fight to breathe - but so comforting with Jeff at my side whispering things in my ear, asking me to let go and telling me that he won't hurt me.

Some time after he took the phone call (Alicia checking in maybe?) We were sitting on the couch he was getting assurance that I was comfortable with what had gone on so far..

Suddenly, he grabbed me by the hair, dragged onto my knees from the couch to sucking his cock to get it hard (which i love to do). He asked if I had ever had my face fucked before. "Not really." He gets me to stand, still dragging me by the hair into his bedroom, lays me down on my back, head over the edge of the bed and proceeds to fuck my throat.

So messy! LOL

Gagging hard on his cock.... struggling to breathe... strange feeling. (Mind you all the while he is making sure that I'm okay and enjoying it.) I never produced so much saliva in my life! Really thick too. Something about going deep like that. Of course he proceeded to spread it over my face. I liked that.

He spread my legs and administered a couple of spanks to my clit/pussy through my pantys. (I had brought a pair.)

It's all a bit blurry i can't remember exactly what happened next....though I do remember him making the comment that my eyes light up as soon as i see cock. ha ha ha

At some point later he is fucking my arse with his hands gripped tight around my throat. I was more concentrating on the pain of the arse-fucking than the restriction on my throat..he pulls his cock out, and tightens his grip on my throat.

I turn over to lay on my back and he asks me to relax. He is pushing harder on my throat. I again find it really hard to relax and not try and breathe! No matter how much he tells me not to! LOL

He bites, licks, sucks and nibbles at my ear - maintaining the pressure on my throat - its a really strange feeling you get all light headed - I didn't pass out though - which is what he said he was going for and then he was going to spank my pussy while I was out.

He kept reassuring me that I would be okay and he wasn't going to hurt me, just to let go, biting hard on my ear lobe he asked me to cum (I mean realistically, was he expecting I would? LOL ~so not going to happen~)He kept asking, telling me to focus on putting all the pain into my clit. (mind you I could feel the sensations, I just wasn't going to cum. It's hard for me in the best of circumstances.)

This little scene led to the next which was something I'd told him I was squeamishly interested in trying. That will be my next post.



  1. Love the idea of all the saliva! And him fucking your arse with hands around neck! Hope you enjoyed it!

  2. My saliva gets really thick like that too! The ice cubs is something I have never heard of before, my eyes got really big when I read it. How was that? Did it feel ok?