Saturday, 24 July 2010

Candle Wax

Another thing checked of Jeff's seemingly endless "To Do" list was wax play...

This happened right after the first time with breath play while I was still chained to the doorway. I remember I was blindfolded, but not when he put that on..(the whole time whilst chained in the frame? I dunno..)

He tells me to brace myself and the next thing you know candle wax dropping down my back. When I had first noticed the candles burning earlier, I thought, ~how romantic~ and didn't even think about that! Five in total, God knows how long they had been burning for - a lot of wax. he tells me to stick my arse out - wax everywhere. orange orange orange orange which was our medium safe word....

Lots of heavy breathing.

He gets me to take the final candle wax. God pain! But in a nice way. LOL

I am released from the bounds and asked to kneel blindfold still in place.

He guides me down onto my knees and then onto all fours. Nipple clamps still in place. Told to stay right where i am.

He fetches something to scrape the wax off my back and arse. It wasn't until later that I found out it was a knife! a BIG kitchen knife though it didn't feel like it. Was actually a really nice feeling having it scraped off my back. Well not scraped, more like peeled - and the knife only scratched very lightly. I hadn't realized it was a knife til he showed me.

He stood me up, blindfold off. nipple clamps off... and he stands with me, gently kissing my lips, rubbing my arms and shoulders while I take everything in.
he told me to go to the bathroom and he would run me a hot shower.

ah, shower was lovely. :D

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